Peril on Ponza

Peril on Ponza
Autore: Aileen Nowatzki
Descrizione: A dilemma looms over the island of Ponza off the coast of Italy and seriously threatens the livelihood of its fishermen. Mussels have been contaminated for the past three months and an attempt to solve the problem has resulted in murder. The perplexing cause of contamination prompts the local police force to enlist the aid of mainland police. Two married secret agents stationed in Naples arrive on the island in the guise of American journalists. Bev and Brian Moore unravel the mystery of the contamination. They investigate the inner workings of the island and discover some sinister activity leading to kidnapping, violence and death. The young American couple unravels an international plot to overthrow a fledgling democracy. Will it succeed is a question of fine-tuned timing. Will Ponza return to prosperity and tranquility? Speed is of the essence.



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